Megan Barber

Megan has been actively practicing yoga since 2016 and has been teaching since 2019. She was first introduced to yoga through a required Somatic Theory course for her Dance Science degree in college. Within weeks she was hooked! Two years later she attended teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center and is now a registered yoga teacher (RYT200) through Yoga Alliance. Yoga has helped Megan through her recovery from eating disorders and depression, along with the more mundane, everyday challenges of life. Megan finds yoga to be an especially therapeutic form of movement not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. “There is so much healing to be found in connecting the mind, body, and Spirit.” She is so excited to join the Momentum family and looks forward to meeting everyone on and off the mat!

Greg Bogard

Greg has been practicing yoga since 2011 and teaching since 2014. His MOMENTUM yoga instructorsyoga journey began when, after seeking relief from years of typical middle-aged ailments, he decided to see if yoga could do what meds and physical therapists could not. Within months of beginning his practice, Greg was not only living free of pain, but through the inspiration of his instructors, had begun to realize there was wellness within the practice of yoga that went beyond the physical body. Desiring to learn more, Greg underwent teacher training and graduated the YogaWorks 200-hour program at MOMENTUM Yoga & Fitness in 2013 and completed his 300-hour program through Asheville Yoga Center in 2018. Greg is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500) with the Yoga Alliance®. He is grateful for the opportunity to instruct while continuing to learn and grow as an enthusiastic student of the yoga tradition.


Alicia Durham

Alicia Durham is a graduate of the Yoga Mojo Teacher Training and is a RYT200 with Yoga Alliance. She brings to the mat a refreshing positive energy, as well as a lifelong love of teaching. Her relaxing stretches, playful Vinyasa flows and moving mediations will help you expand your flexibility, increase your strength and calm your mind. Her goal is to guide you to connect with your body, your mind and your spirit.



Angelic Elrod

I believe we are all inherently connected. Connection thrives from our sense of safety. When we don’t feel safe, every area of our physical, mental, and emotional lives is impacted. As a Somatic Educator & Intimacy Coach I work with people to cultivate safety through body-centered experiences like yoga, meditation, breathwork, Conscious Touch (massage), and co-regulation practices. I also educate people on the mind-body connection, the physiological aspects of trauma, Poly Vagal Theory, somatic experiencing, and the stress-disease connection.As a dynamic coach and educator I focus on treating trauma at a nervous system level. I work deeply with others to restore safety and connection through conscious touch and neural repatterning. I have 12 years experience as a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, over a thousand hours spent teaching meditation and yoga as well as a history in inpatient mental health care. All my work is deeply trauma informed with a specialty in CPTSD. (complex post traumatic stress disorder)

Julie Hutsell-Starling

Julie Hutsell-Starling is a KRI, RYT 200 Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga. While she has practiced many types of yoga for many years, Kundalini yoga is what has brought about the most profound changes, healing, and transformations in her own life. As a result of the transformation it has brought for her, she is passionate about sharing this powerful yoga technology with as many people as possible, so that they may also experience deep healing and transformation in their own lives.
She sees Kundalini yoga as a powerful tool that people can use to help themselves through the struggles of life so that they may experience more joy, love, and happiness, and ultimately (re)find the beautiful light within them, their sparkling soul that desires simply to be seen and experienced for who it truly is.
She recently moved from Durham to Beaufort with her husband and three kitties, following her joy to the beautiful Crystal Coast and she is SO excited to join the beautiful Momentum Yoga Community!



Ferryn Logan

For me, yoga is about balance. The synergy of mind and movement. The harmony of strength and flexibility, exertion and releasing. My classes offer deep tissue release in the form of Yin style yoga and a blend of Yin and “Yang” style practices. Yin yoga is not as fast as other forms of yoga but it is no less a mental and physical workout. Yin yoga focuses on postures that target your deep connective tissue; fascia, ligaments, joints and bones. While “Yang” yoga focus on your muscles and building heat through movement. By blending these two practices you get the best of both forms. While Yin Yoga is my Passion, I also teach Gentle, Zen, Chair, Restorative & Childrens Yoga. I have a deep passion for knowledge and am always adding to my yoga “toolbox” with new certifications to offer a variety of styles for Every Body 😊
I find peace, spirituality and personal growth in my personal yoga practice and want to help others find their inner strength and passion as well.

Sharon Maloney

In 2008, Sharon graduated from Glenmore Yoga and Wellness with 200 hours of course study in the Himalayan tradition.  This style explores the spiritual heritage of mankind that united East and West, spirituality, science and the ancient wisdom. She is registered E-RYT teacher with Yoga Alliance.  As a teacher for fourteen years, she enjoys teaching individuals and groups and leading workshops. Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga is learning to live a balanced life, in harmony with your inherent nature, or Ayurvedic constitution. This is a passion she shares with Yogis that is beneficial to a reduction in stress, increased energy and an improved quality of life, Sharon guides students in their exploration of Yoga, helping them to achieve personal goals and find ease in their body and peace of mind.

Kristin Martin-owner

Kristin has practiced yoga for 20 years.  She came to Momentum Yoga in 2016 after moving from Roanoke Rapids, NC.  Kristin believes practicing yoga with teacher Leilani Walker changed her life.  “Every time I came to Leilani’s class she awakened my soul more and more.  Through her yoga flow, breathwork and meditation I began to connect to my authentic self.  In 2018 Momentum Yoga offered a teacher training program through Yoga Mojo and Kristin jumped at the opportunity to learn more about yoga.  “I never went into this journey with a desire to teach but a desire to learn!”  She embraced the training with her whole heart.  “I’m so thankful and grateful to Loretta Jo!  For the experience and her teachings!  There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t use some of what she learned in the program.  For me the program was life changing!”  Teaching yoga has now become my passion!  I want to hold space for others to practice yoga, to connect with breath and each other that is safe so that they too can connect to their authentic selves.

Alan Reynolds- E-RYT 500

Al started practicing yoga in 2004. After nearly two years of taking three classes a week and practicing at home Al realized that his consistent practice had led to a transformation that left him at peace with himself and his life. It was at that time that he decided to become a yoga teacher so that he might help others experience the same transformation.

Al received his 300 hour and 500 hour (2009) certifications at Yoga Synthesis under Raji Thron. As a Yoga Synthesis teacher Al enjoys bringing different styles together to make each class a unique experience. Al believes that anyone can experience the positive transformation that results from a consistent yoga practice and seeks to give each student the ability to extend and deepen their practice to that end.

Al is also a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner having received a level 2 certificate from the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage in 2015 under Jeanette Sealy.

Courtney Rose

Courtney quickly found the physical benefits and gradually developed an emotional and spiritual
connection to yoga when she was a dance major in college. Yoga has helped her navigate
many of life’s challenges including depression, pregnancy and injury. Courtney strives to make
yoga accessible to everyone by modifying poses and offering options to increase intensity
meeting each yogi’s individual needs. She honors the connection between the physical and
spiritual benefits of yoga. Courtney understands the need for humility in ones’ practice and
desires to share the healing effects of yoga with people of all ages and ability levels.

Juli Saylor

momentum yoga Juli Saylor

Juli’s desire is to spread her passion for yoga on and off the mat. Teaching comes naturally to Juli and she brings great energy to the studio. She graduated from Seaside Yoga of Wilmington with her 200 RYT in September 2008 with an emphasis on Anusara yoga. Juli completed her 300 hour program in January 2016 through Asheville Yoga Center. She currently holds her 200-ERYT and 500 RYT. She honors her teachers Lisa Colletti, Susan Koepp, Ashley Ludman and Rachael Crawford Goolsby.

Leilani Walker

Leilani loves yoga. She believes that it has the power to connect us to our inner guide, reveal the truth of who we are, reset our happiness meters, and expand our compassion as we evolve from practicing yoga on the mat to the real beauty of being our practice.  Leilani has been practicing yoga since 2000. She completed a 240 hour certification in 2008 with The NC School of Yoga from the lineage of living yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra. In 2010 she completed an advanced yoga teacher training course with her teacher, Erich Schiffmann. She received her 500 hour certification after studying with Jill Sockman in Raleigh.