Paddle Board Yoga

Beaufort Paddle and Momentum Yoga & Wellness are working together to bring you Paddle Board Yoga!

Love paddle boarding and yoga? Then Paddle Board Yoga is perfect for you. It is the complete combination of both.  Instinctively, we know that being near water reduces stress, brings peace, and makes us healthier and happier.  Similarly, the practice of yoga provides the very same benefits. Through yoga we deepen our awareness of the breath, synchronize breath with movement, and cultivate focus, flexibility, balance and strength.  Paddle Board Yoga is an amazing fusion of both!

In Paddle Board Yoga, the board becomes your moving yoga mat! Adding the element of water and wind to the yoga practice allows you to find ease and strength in every pose.  Paddle Board Yoga is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and yogis/yoginis who are looking for a new experience and challenge!  When you paddle with us, you’ll hear lots of laughter, try new things, and experience the joy of soaking up the sun!

At 8:00 am we will begin our class with a brief review to paddle boarding and safety instructions on land.  We will then launch our Paddle Board in the water at Beaufort Paddle and began paddling to Rachel Carson Reserve.  Once there we will anchor our board and begin our yoga session.  During our 45-minute Paddle Board Yoga Class, you will be guided through a Hatha Yoga practice.  Hatha Yoga uses postures and conscious breathing, in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strength, flexibility, and relaxation. Through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body, Hatha Yoga brings balance, strength, and a sense of well-being to the practitioner. The instructor will tailor to the group’s ability levels and interests.  If you want to spend your class time mostly in Shavasana or you want to attempt a Headstand we offer something for everyone!  After our class we will park our boards on the beach to spend some time exploring The Rachel Carson Reserve!  We will then head back to Beaufort Paddle to exit the water!



Paddle Board Yoga classes require pre-registration by 5 PM the day prior to class. We need a minimum of 2 students to have a class and a maximum of 6 students.  You will register by going to then click on schedule.  You will be prompted to set up a user id and password.  Then you will click on the class you want to book and pay and sign a waiver.  You can also download the Mindbody app on your phone to book through Momentum Yoga.  If you access the event via Facebook you can also click the ticket link and be directed to book and pay for the class from the website as well.  If you need any help booking contact Kristin at or call 252-247-9642.  We currently have the Paddle Board Yoga class listed on the schedule for Wednesday and Friday from 8:00-10:00 am but if those times don’t work in your schedule we will be glad to work with you on a different time and day!



Must be 13 or older to participate, have good open water swimming skills, and have a basic level yoga practice (5-10 classes on the mat), and Paddle board experience.  If you don’t have prior experience on a Paddle Board you must take a lesson with Beaufort Paddle first to take this class!




Please meet us at Beaufort Paddle 15 minutes prior to you class time!  You will need to sign a liability waiver with Beaufort Paddle once you arrive.  Be prepared and ready to go!!  The address for Beaufort Paddle is 424 Old Causeway Rd., Beaufort, NC 28515.


  • Please arrive ON TIME! It’s important you are present for all safety procedures before the paddle out.
  • Please wear either swim or yoga clothing. Keep in mind you will get wet.
  • Please wear SPF or appropriate sun protection. The water intensifies the sun, but proper measures will help avoid sunburn.
  • Hat or sunglasses are optional, but might be lost if you go for an “unexpected swim.”
  • We recommend you stay hydrated, and bring a bottle of water.
  • Please bring bug spray, if you wish.
  • Please leave all valuables in vehicle or at home. If you would like to take photos or bring items, such as car keys, with you, please bring a dry bag that can be secured on paddle board. The teacher will bring a phone to take photos and can send the pictures to the student if requested.
  • We will provide the Paddle Board, Paddle, anchor, and life jacket.


If there is a cancellation due to inclement weather, all students will be notified via e-mail or telephone 1 hour prior to the class start time.  We will reschedule the class for another day or time in the future.


$60 – This rate includes a Paddle Board, Paddle, anchor, and life jacket, a brief review to paddle boarding, safety instructions, your yoga session and time to explore The Rachel Carson Reserve!  Duration of the class will be about 2 hours.

Social distancing and prevention techniques are crucial for preventing the spread of COVID-19. If you are sick, exhibiting symptoms of illness, or are immunocompromised, please do not participate in class. All participants will be required to wear a face mask during check-in.  The face mask may be removed once you are on the water. Please maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from others while on the shore. Hand sanitizer will be provided before equipping you for class. All equipment will be thoroughly sanitized before and after class. Please contact us with any questions.