Kim Armstrong

Born and raised in Jacksonville, NC Kim Armstrong is a life long local and is staff-logoproud to call our area home. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has experience with many different studios as well as different styles of yoga. After the very first class she took, she knew yoga would be a lifetime pursuit. In 2018, Kim graduated from Yoga-Mojo teacher training as a certified instructor with 230 hours of course study. With the love of her community and yoga, Kim brings her own personality to her classes by creating an open and inviting atmosphere for everyone and especially those who are interested in starting their own yoga journey.

Megan Barber

Megan has been actively practicing yoga since 2016 and has been teaching since 2019. She was first introduced to yoga through a required Somatic Theory course for her Dance Science degree in college. Within weeks she was hooked! Two years later she attended teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center and is now a registered yoga teacher (RYT200) through Yoga Alliance. Yoga has helped Megan through her recovery from eating disorders and depression, along with the more mundane, everyday challenges of life. Megan finds yoga to be an especially therapeutic form of movement not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. “There is so much healing to be found in connecting the mind, body, and Spirit.” She is so excited to join the Momentum family and looks forward to meeting everyone on and off the mat!

Greg Bogard

Greg has been practicing yoga since 2011 and teaching since 2014. His MOMENTUM yoga instructorsyoga journey began when, after seeking relief from years of typical middle-aged ailments, he decided to see if yoga could do what meds and physical therapists could not. Within months of beginning his practice, Greg was not only living free of pain, but through the inspiration of his instructors, had begun to realize there was wellness within the practice of yoga that went beyond the physical body. Desiring to learn more, Greg underwent teacher training and graduated the YogaWorks 200-hour program at MOMENTUM Yoga & Fitness in 2013 and completed his 300-hour program through Asheville Yoga Center in 2018. Greg is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500) with the Yoga Alliance®. He is grateful for the opportunity to instruct while continuing to learn and grow as an enthusiastic student of the yoga tradition.

Felicia Booth

Felicia Booth RYT200, RCYT
Kids Yoga Teacher CareeReFrame Elementary School Counselor
Mindful Breath Movement and Meditation
I believe wellness is a balance of mental, social-emotional, and physical health. Yoga is a practice that helps me find my balance in this JOurneY of life~~my peace, my self-love, and choosing happiness daily. NOW, more than Ever, Kids need balance as they navigate Their JOurneY in this everchanging world. My mission is to help kids find their personal balance of peace, love, and happiness. Once that balance is noticed, acknowledged, and practiced…growth shines. A healthy mind develops from a calm body. A calm body grows in an environment rich in the foundation of mindful breaths and movement. KIDS YOGA is…FUN, Movement, Reading Books, Mindful Meditations, Creative Artistic Expression, FUN, Breathing, Strong Body Poses, Music, Yogafied Games like dice, cards, dominoes, twister, and chinese jumprope…FUN!!
My yoga training and personal healing JOurneY began in April 2013~Every Kid’s Yoga-Yoga for children with special needs. It was a fun and informative weekend (as well as my Silky Violet furbaby blessing!!) In June 2013, I moved to Florida-yeaRound summer weather!!-When the school year rolled into testing season, my School Counselor duties turned into full-time schoolwide testing coordinator duties…which meant my availability to provide classroom lessons for the kids was limited to none. So, I went to my kids at recess or lunchtime…and we did “Breaths/Balance with Booth”—breaths, movement, and meditation 5-10 minutes at a time!! Fast forward and my yoga training spotlight shines on… June 2018~Yoga Nidra and Sound Therapy. That weekend changed my life as I bravely emerged into the healing side of my life. I discovered depths of healing, growing balance, and JOY that my traumafied inner child hadn’t felt…Ever. I wanted to share this with kids and my journal flowed with ideas as I searched for KIDS YOGA trainings…October 2018~Kidding Around Yoga kidsYTT-My 48th birthday healing weekend…January 2019~St. Petersburg Yoga 200hr YTT…June 2020~Kidding Around Yoga 95hr kidsYTT. Yoga found ME…I found JOY, Gratitude, and Healing.
Yoga is: MYCareeReFrameFlea…MYHealingJOurneY…MECreatingConditionsforCalm…MELivingLovingMYLife IAMPeaceIAMLoveIAMHappinessIAMYoga
Kids of ALL ages need Yoga for growing healthy wellness in life’s JOurneY… Positive mental health, balanced social-emotional health, and strong physical health

Alicia Durham

Alicia Durham is a graduate of the Yoga Mojo Teacher Training and is a RYT200 with Yoga Alliance. She brings to the mat a refreshing positive energy, as well as a lifelong love of teaching. Her relaxing stretches, playful Vinyasa flows and moving mediations will help you expand your flexibility, increase your strength and calm your mind. Her goal is to guide you to connect with your body, your mind and your spirit.

Lauren Hewton

Hi and welcome! I have been a practicing yogi for many years, finding comfort when on the mat, & when connecting with Mother Nature and her elements. My husband & I moved here from Florida in 2015 and make our home Down East, in this beautiful coastal oasis.

A desire to get deeper into my personal practice, and after making changes to my professional life as a Registered Radiographer, I made the decision to pursue a yoga teacher certificate. I earned my certificate at the Kashi Ashram in Florida in 2010, fully emersing myself in the spiritual fulfillment. Utilizing my experience with our musculoskeletal system, and my spiritual growth on the Ashram, I bring all that I have to the mat. Personal experience showed me that when on the mat, all else fades away. One of my favorite quotes; “Yoga, the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”. Take a class and reap the benefits of linking body & breath and discover you.

I became a Reiki practitioner as my teacher appeared to me 5 years ago, and the energy just followed. Reiki, and energy healing, is a way to bring balance & positive energy flow to your body.

Having always been drawn to nature, rocks & stones, the opportunity to add that certificate presented and I emersed myself in the crystal world. I adore working with all aspects of Mother Nature, and all she has to offer. I often incorporate healing crystals into my classes & sessions.

There are many ancient healing techniques available to us. Herbs, crystals, yoga, energy healing, music and vibrations; these are all often thought of as mystical & magical.

Find your magic with me 💙

Kristin Martin-Owner

Kristin has practiced yoga for 15 years.  She came to Momentum Yoga in 2016 after moving from Roanoke Rapids, NC.  Kristin believes practicing yoga with teacher Leilani Walker changed her life.  “Every time I came to Leilani’s class she awakened my soul more and more.  Through her yoga flow, breathwork and meditation I began to connect to my authentic self.  In 2018 Momentum Yoga offered a teacher training program through Yoga Mojo and Kristin jumped at the opportunity to learn more about yoga.  “I never went into this journey with a desire to teach but a desire to learn!”  She embraced the training with her whole heart.  “I’m so thankful and grateful to Loretta Jo!  For the experience and her teachings!  There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t use some of what she learned in the program.  For me the program was life changing!”  Teaching yoga has now become my passion!  I want to hold space for others to practice yoga, to connect with breath and each other that is safe so that they too can connect to their authentic selves.

Stacey Morris

I found Yoga on the path of my healing journey.
An inspirational meeting with Jade Morton started a life changing adventure that began with her Gentle Yoga and health classes that further led me to become a graduate the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Certified Health Coach where I learned holistic ways of healing from anxiety and illnesses that had me on 8 prescriptions a day!
After visiting Momentum I discovered a variety of yoga styles, where I met Kristin and her contagious Love of everything Yoga, which led me to become RYT 200 from the Yoga Teacher Training offered there with the incredible knowledge and guidance of Loretta Jo of Yoga Mojo.
Yoga continues to be the calming of my mind, improving my mobility & flexibility, finding my breathe and the healing of my Spirit.
After a class with Jade, she asked me if I ever saw myself teaching, I did not. Yet I fully embraced going through these amazing learning, healing journeys that now has me prescription free, it has become a practice I wish to share…

…a relaxed style infused with soothing music, aromatherapy & stretches mixed with gentle and organic movements in a comfortable, safe space to practice or start from wherever you are,
I hope to meet you on the mat. 💖

Steve Reilly

Steve has been practicing yoga and meditation since 2010. His practice focuses on the exploration of our minds and building a strong mental framework to ground our practice. With an educational background in History, he likes to use the lessons of the past to guide our present and set the waypoints for our future.  You can expect a session that focuses on mindfully accessing each pose, a flow with available modifications so everyone can participate regardless of physical limitations, and guided meditations that seek to build a safe and understanding environment.

Alan Reynolds- E-RYT 500

Al started practicing yoga in 2004. After nearly two years of taking three classes a week and practicing at home Al realized that his consistent practice had lead to a transformation that left him at peace with himself and his life. It was at that time that he decided to become a yoga teacher so that he might help others experience the same transformation.

Al received his 300 hour and 500 hour (2009) certifications at Yoga Synthesis under Raji Thron. As a Yoga Synthesis teacher Al enjoys bringing different styles together to make each class a unique experience. Al believes that anyone can experience the positive transformation that results from a consistent yoga practice and seeks to give each student the ability to extend and deepen their practice to that end.

Al is also a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner having received a level 2 certificate from the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage in 2015 under Jeanette Sealy.

Courtney Rose

As a dance major in college, yoga was a required class each Saturday morning. Courtney quickly appreciated the physical benefits, gradually developing an emotional and spiritual connection to yoga. Yoga has helped her navigate many of life’s challenges including depression, pregnancy and injury. Courtney has studied yoga for 25 years of varying intensity. Her studies have primarily been with two instructors Suddah Wexler of Chicago Yoga Center and Sasha McClure of Morehead City. Majority of her studies have been Hatha and techniques of Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Courtney has studied with a wide variety of instructors, but Sudda and Sasha have helped her make the connection between the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. She understands the need for humility in ones’ practice and desires to share the healing effects of yoga. Courtney completed her RYT 200 with Loretta Jo Schaltzer of Yoga-Mojo.

Juli Saylor

momentum yoga Juli Saylor

Juli’s desire is to spread her passion for yoga on and off the mat. Teaching comes naturally to Juli and she brings great energy to the studio. She graduated from Seaside Yoga of Wilmington with her 200 RYT in September 2008 with an emphasis on Anusara yoga. Juli completed her 300 hour program in January 2016 through Asheville Yoga Center. She currently holds her 200-ERYT and 500 RYT. She honors her teachers Lisa Colletti, Susan Koepp, Ashley Ludman and Rachael Crawford Goolsby.

Michelle ThornellMOMENTUM yoga instructors

C-IAYT , E-RYT 500

Now a retired law enforcement officer, Michelle began practicing yoga in 2001 while searching for stress relief from her job. Yoga inspired her to become a yoga teacher in 2003, studying with Master Purna yoga teacher Aadil Palkhivala as well as Tias Little, Elise Browning Miller, Terry Brown and others. She continues her studies and is now a C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, with a wealth of knowledge on safe alignment in asana, as well as many yoga therapy techniques . She is also certified in Somatic Movements,  SATYA (Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement) with Tias Little   She has now attained her certification as a Yoga Therapist through  East Coast Yoga Therapy’s  4 year program.. She is known for her sense of humor when presenting, while adapting her classes and workshops to the level of her students and their needs.

Mary Winter 

“Yoga will come to you when the time is right.”  Mary came to yoga later in life after a traumatic experience in her life.  She was invited to try a free yoga class at which time her love affair with yoga began.  She has been an instructor for several years, and is a Certified RYT 200.  She is also a certified Aerial instructor, and has taken many workshops to expand her knowledge including with David Swenson, world renown Ashtanga Instructor, and Sarah Powers, Yin and Mediation instructor.
Her emphasis is on proper alignment, and the use of props and modifications, she works to make not only safe but accessible to everyone no matter what your age or fitness level.  She combines both yin yoga (a cooling practice that allows for the opening of the fascia and joints) with slow flow (Vinyasa) providing instruction on aligning breath with the fluid movements.  Classes are intended to meet all practitioners needs-and to honor and empower the students journey towards personal growth and well-being.  She believes that you “don’t use your body to get into the pose, rather use the pose to get into the body.”
With her passion for yoga as well as a light hearted sense of humor, she hopes that the student will not only gain increased physical strength, flexibility, and pain relief; but a deeper connection with Self, yoga, and the present moment that can be applied both on and off the mat.

Battle Witherington

For over 10 years, Battle Witherington has been teaching an uplifting style of yoga to people of all abilities.  As a lifelong dancer, she developed a physical consciousness that has fueled her interest in fitness and wellness, first the body then the mind. This interest inspired her to complete 200HR teacher training with Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City in 2011 and her 500HR training with her dear friend and mentor, Sheryl Light with Open Studio NC. The true importance of yoga began to take on a new meaning as she shared her passion with others. Battle fulfilled a dream of having her own yoga studio at BeUnlimited Yoga, Wilmington NC before being offered the opportunity to fulfill another dream of moving to New York City to teach yoga. While there, she was able to broaden her experience and knowledge even more by completing BarreFit certification and working with some of the best barre and yoga teachers in the industry. Currently, she is splitting time between two beach towns that she loves, Wrightsville Beach and Atlantic Beach and offering her yoga experience to both communities.

Battle’s mission is to inspire students’ by creating an inviting, energetic vibe that enhances yoga practice on and off the mat. She believes that with daily asana practice based on the Ashtanga foundation, the other limbs of yoga ease into life as well. Battle offers high energy guidance that involves a strong vinyasa flow challenging and balancing the body. She genuinely loves seeing how people benefit from building strength, increasing flexibility and overall self-awareness.  Her light and humorous approach eases and inspires, ultimately cultivating a community of laughter, kindness, strength and joy.